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Meet the Private Jet Specialists

Private Jet Charter has created a team full of experience and knowledge from across the private aviation industry. With over 20 years experience, we have established ourselves as one of the leading private jet rental providers in the Middle East with a dedication to continued development and bespoke customer service.

For jet charter advice or private jet hire prices please contact us or call +971 4 299 7878. We are available 24 hours a day.

  • abubaker

    Ahmed Abubaker Charter Sales Director

    Abubaker studied Aviation in Sudan and Denmark in what now seems ages ago. His journey in aviation has taken him through a number of professions, namely – Air Traffic Control, Airport CFR, Private Aviation Ground Handling, Aircraft Management and finally Private Jet Charter.

    Although he cherishes every moment of his previous job assignments so dearly, he can safely say that his passion is the hectic domain of chartering private jets, as no two days are ever the same with all the glamour, luxury, interesting and exotic destinations.

    Abubaker has a love of airplanes and all things aviation related especially private jets for their beautiful looks, their high tech, high standards of safety and of course seven star luxury.

    When asked about his favorite aircraft and destination, Abubaker said:” being a believer in equal opportunities, I consider the Legacy 650 my favorite aircraft among private jets and it was a pleasant coincidence to fly in it recently to my favorite destination Paris. A city that I love for its culture, fashion and radiant beauty in every aspect”.

  • sagina

    Sagina Abdullaeva Aviation Consultant

    Sagina has more than 8 years experience in Marketing and Brand Development, living for the past 9 years in Dubai, UAE. Working on various projects starting from Luxury Fashion, Private Membership Club for HNWI’s . Sagina was involved in the project management of sponsorship events for the major events of the Russian and Kazakhstan Embassies in Dubai, Oil & Gas Awards and various conferences in Dubai and the CIS Countries.

    As part of her experience in Marketing she was involved in the Project Management for International Media Holdings, running the project in Tripoli, Libya oriented on Corporate Social Responsibility for International Oil Companies, Government Organizations and Finance Institutions.

    Sagina has a degree in Psychology, currently studying a Master Program in the Moscow Finance Academy in Business Psychology. Sagina joined Private Jet Charter in December 2013, being completely new to the Aviation Industry and private jets she enjoys this stressful but always interesting environment.

    Her favorite destination is Rome, Italy, “Rome is steeped in culture and history with so much to see and learn about”. Her favourite aircraft is the Embraer Lineage 1000, “this aircraft has got the capacity and range to comfortably take 19 passengers and lots of baggage”

  • Flory D'Costa Accounts Manager-Middle East

    Flory D’Costa Accounts Manager-Middle East

    Flory is originally from Goa, India and has worked for 23 years in finance and accounting. She has lived in Dubai for over 20 years and joined Private Jet Charter in 2005. While not busy crunching the numbers she likes listening to music, reading, gardening and badminton.

    Flory’s favorite destination is her native Goa because “it’s the best place to enjoy a holiday with its natural and cultural beauty, it’s beautiful beaches, fabulous weather, mouthwatering seafood and historical churches”

    Flory’s favorite aircraft is the Hawker 900XP “although smaller than the other big jets we charter, after seeing the cabin of a Hawker 900XP I was pleasantly surprised how roomy it was for a smaller aircraft“

  • kadir

    Kadir Awad Senior Aviation Consultant

    Kadir has a multicultural background, having lived in United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates, Kadir studied Business Administration in college. Kadir has a very wide experience in the aviation field. He previously worked in the travel and tourism industry for 3 years before moving into the exciting word of private jets joining Private Jet Charter in 2007. Outside work Kadir enjoys all types of sport, likes to travel to new destinations and loves listening to music. He also has a passion for all types of cars and likes to drive his SUV out of the city and into the desert at weekends.

    Kadirs favorite aircraft is the Bombardier Global Express XRS “this is a very reliable and luxurious private jet. Its spacious cabin, speed and range (it can do 11.5 hours flight nonstop) makes it mine and our clients a firm favorite long range aircraft to charter.

    Kadirs favorite destination is Madrid “it’s the hub of culture, music, media and sports, an all round great city”

  • elie

    Elie Nehme Aviation Consultant

    Elie is originally from Beirut in Lebanon. Elie holds a BA in International Business and has been working at Private Jet Charter since 2009. With over 5 years chartering private jets he is well experienced in the aviation industry. Elie enjoys socializing in his time off especially in some of the super clubs in Dubai and Beirut. He also likes going on hunting trips in his native Lebanon.

    Elies favorite aircraft is the Gulfstream 550, “its a very luxurious aircraft with its powerful engines, beautiful interior and can almost fly 14 hours non-stop, that’s a great range”

    His favorite destination is New York, “it really is the city that never sleeps, there’s such a great buzz in this city any time of the day or night”

  • roger

    Roger Chalhoub Business Development Manager – KSA

    Roger hails from Beirut, Lebanon. He joined Private Jet Charter in 2010 with over eight years of experience in Sales and VIP Customer Services in Lebanon, working for a VIP services agency. Roger has a bachelor degree in business.

    In his spare time he enjoys going to the beach, basketball, socialising and travelling. His favorite aircraft is the Airbus Corporate Jet “its superior interior and spacious walk round cabin make this very popular with royal families in the Middle East”

    Rogers favorite destination is Marbella, Spain “ here I can enjoy all my hobbies during the day and of course the night life is amazing”

  • elie-abdo

    Elie Abdo Business Development Director

    Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Elie has lived in Dubai since 1998. He graduated from Lebanon University with a Business and Finance Major. Elies background is in the hotel industry where he learned the importance of excellent customer service and attention to detail. Having dealt with HNWI, VIPS and Royal families on a daily basis he decided to move into the exciting world of the private jet industry and joined Private Jet Charter in 2003. In his current role he visits clients around the Middle East introducing the company and unique service. Elie enjoys travelling and loves to ski in the mountains of his native Lebanon in the winter.

    Elies favorite destination is his home country, “Beirut is full of history and culture during the day and at night changes to be a vibrant pulsating city with some amazing dance clubs”

    Elies favorite aircraft is the Challenger 605 “this is great all rounder, reliable aircraft that’s a firm favorite with our clients in the Middle East”

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