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Empty Leg Flights Dubai

welcome to Private Jet Charter UAE and Middle East

For over 20 years, Private Jet Charter has been providing air charter services to personal and business clients the world over. Our vast and extensive experience in aircraft charter has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the leading private jet rental providers in the Middle East, and our dedication to continued development and customer service enhancement is what sets us apart in the field of private aircraft rental.

Our team of dedicated and professional staff will ensure that your journey with us is of the utmost quality in elegance and sophistication, and that every one of your needs is catered for to the highest standard.

Private Jet Charter's primary objective is the safety and well-being of all our customers, and that you receive the level of luxury and hassle-free travel associated with the leading aircraft charter services in the world.

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Discover inside some of the best private jets with our video gallery of jet cabins
bombardier Jet
in Focus: Challenger 850

The Challenger 850 sets high standards for reliability, dependability and value in its class. Flexible for any corporate requirement.

What is a Empty Leg Flight?

In the Aviation world you may have come across the term Dead Head or Dead Leg amongst other terminology. A ‘Dead Head’ flight is where a client has booked a one way trip except the aircraft is empty going back to its originally airport. The reason people are always interested in the cost of Dead Head (Dead Leg) flights is because they are run at a much cheaper rate than a regular flight (mainly because most of the cost has been covered by the original client). For an up to date list of Dead Head (Dead Leg, Empty Leg) flights available for charter go to our Empty Leg Page

I need to take a lot of Passengers, what is the best size aircraft for a large amount of people?

Private Jet Charter can lease private aircraft with capacities from 1 to 100+ passengers. If you were to charter a super mid sized jet such as a Gulfstream 200, you could take up to 10 passengers at a range of 3120 miles.The cost to charter a Gulfstream 200 from Los Angeles to Teterboro, New Jersey would be an estimated cost of $34,979.00 USD (variable dependant)

“How many passengers could a large, long range Jet hold?”
If you were to rent a Falcon 900 or lease a Gulfstream G450 you would be able to take up to 14/15 passengers over a range of around 5000 miles.The cost to charter a Gulfstream G450 from Washington D.C. (IAD) Airport to Aspen-Pitkin Airport would be an estimated cost of $38,838.00 USD (variable dependant) 

“I have a wedding and need an aircraft to take more than 40 people, what type of jet do I need?”
For such a large amount of passengers you would need to charter a VIP Airliner / Commercial size aircraft. If you were to charter a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ Aircraft) you could take between 16 to 50 passengers in a luxury private aircraft. The Boeing Business Jet can travel around 6000 nautical miles which is essentially half way around the world in flying distance. The benefit of chartering a BBJ is that it can be equipped with boardroom, cinema, dining area, bar, bedroom and bathroom facilities.The cost to charter a Boeing Business Jet from Palm Beach Florida Airport to Las Vegas Airport would be an estimated cost of $60,570.00 USD (variable dependant) 

“I need to charter an aircraft that can take 100 passengers for my wedding, what aircraft would I need?”
Private Jet Charter can offer you a Boeing 767 VIP Airliner. The Boeing 767 VIP can take 102 passengers all in First Class VIP seating arrangements. A Boeing 767 VIP can travel a range of 3640 miles, which could comfortably fly from New York to Los Angeles. The cost to charter a Boeing Business Jet from Opa-Locka Miami to Los Angeles for 100 people would be an estimated cost of $65,620.00 USD (variable dependant)

Meet the Private Jet Specialists

Private Jet Charter has created a team full of experience and knowledge from across the private aviation industry. With over 20 years experience, we have established ourselves as one of the leading private jet rental providers in the Middle East with a dedication to continued development and bespoke customer service.

For jet charter advice or private jet hire prices please contact us or call +971 4 299 7878. We are available 24 hours a day.

  • ross-kelly

    Ross Kelly Managing Director – Middle East

    Ross hails from Dublin, Ireland and started his aviation career in 2001 as an Airport Supervisor for Air 2000 in Reus Airport, Spain. Ross returned to Ireland in 2003 and begun working for Irish regional airline, Aer Arann as a flight dispatcher. In 2006 he started with private jet company, Starair, in Dublin as Sales and Operations Manager.

    In January 2012, Ross moved to Dubai where he took up the position of Managing Director for Private Jet Charter, overseeing the companies busy Middle East Operation. Ross holds a degree in Aviation and Transport Management from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

    In his spare time Ross likes cooking, playing tennis and of course going to one of Dubai’s pristine beaches at the weekend.

    His favorite aircraft is the Boeing Business Jet, “this is just such a luxurious aircraft, complete with private bedroom and shower, it’s the ultimate large VIP private airliner”

    His favorite destination is Melbourne, Australia, “it’s a great multicultural, vibrant city where there is always something going on”.

  • sagina

    Sagina Abdullaeva Aviation Consultant

    Sagina has more than 8 years experience in Marketing and Brand Development, living for the past 9 years in Dubai, UAE. Working on various projects starting from Luxury Fashion, Private Membership Club for HNWI’s . Sagina was involved in the project management of sponsorship events for the major events of the Russian and Kazakhstan Embassies in Dubai, Oil & Gas Awards and various conferences in Dubai and the CIS Countries.

    As part of her experience in Marketing she was involved in the Project Management for International Media Holdings, running the project in Tripoli, Libya oriented on Corporate Social Responsibility for International Oil Companies, Government Organizations and Finance Institutions.

    Sagina has a degree in Psychology, currently studying a Master Program in the Moscow Finance Academy in Business Psychology. Sagina joined Private Jet Charter in December 2013, being completely new to the Aviation Industry and private jets she enjoys this stressful but always interesting environment.

    Her favorite destination is Rome, Italy, “Rome is steeped in culture and history with so much to see and learn about”. Her favourite aircraft is the Embraer Lineage 1000, “this aircraft has got the capacity and range to comfortably take 19 passengers and lots of baggage”

  • abubaker

    Ahmed Abubaker Charter Sales Director

    Abubaker studied Aviation in Sudan and Denmark in what now seems ages ago. His journey in aviation has taken him through a number of professions, namely – Air Traffic Control, Airport CFR, Private Aviation Ground Handling, Aircraft Management and finally Private Jet Charter.

    Although he cherishes every moment of his previous job assignments so dearly, he can safely say that his passion is the hectic domain of chartering private jets, as no two days are ever the same with all the glamour, luxury, interesting and exotic destinations.

    Abubaker has a love of airplanes and all things aviation related especially private jets for their beautiful looks, their high tech, high standards of safety and of course seven star luxury.

    Abubakers favorite aircraft and destination,” being a believer in equal opportunities, I consider the Legacy 650 my favorite aircraft among private jets and it was a pleasant coincidence to fly in it recently to my favorite destination Paris. A city that I love for its culture, fashion and radiant beauty in every aspect”.

  • To view more of our team click below view jet specialists

Latest Charter News

  • Pilatus’ debut jet-powered aircraft sells out in just two days

    Despite a scheduled delivery date of 2017, the first production run of Pilatus’ debut jet-powered aircraft has sold out in just two days For more than seven decades, Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus has specialised in creating nimble, versatile turboprop planes. Earlier this year, the prestigious airplane maker unveiled its first ever jet-powered aircraft at Geneva’s European […]

    16 Jul
  • World Cup Brings Shakira and Putin, to name just a few, to Rio as Private Jets Pile Up

    The private jets are stacking up on Rio de Janeiro’s runways as bold-face names from Shakira to Russian President Vladimir Putin drop by for today’s World Cup final between Argentina and Germany. Brazil President Dilma Rousseff will host Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with other heads of states, at a luncheon today at […]

    13 Jul
  • Saudi Arabia is host to the largest fleet of private jets in the Middle East

    With a total of 164 business jets, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has 35 percent of all the registered planes in the Middle East, it was disclosed in a recent report on business aviation in Saudi Arabia presented at the Middle East Business Aviation Conference (MEBAC) in Riyadh by the Middle East Business Aviation Association […]

    30 Jun
  • Nice is most popular destination for UAE private jet users, followed by Paris and London, says Private Jet Charter

    Nice is the most popular destination for UAE private jets (PJ) users, with five trips per year, followed by Paris in second place with four trips and London in third place with two trips.

    These findings were revealed by Private Jet Charter (PJC), one of the world’s largest independent private jet charter consultants. The company, which has a sizable market share in Europe and the Middle East, says that Nice is the most popular destination due to the high number of trips in the summer months as many PJ users like to escape the heat of the Gulf for Europe.

    23 Jun
  • When the biggest is not big enough – Billionaires who want the best private jets

    The $65 million Gulfstream G650 may be the pinnacle of the private jet market, but it just doesn’t do the job for billionaires who prefer to fly with more than a dozen or so passengers.

    For that, the uber wealthy turn to Airbus and Boeing, who are more than happy to customize their jets, even the widebodies that can carry hundreds of people for private use.

    19 Jun
  • World Cup Dilemma: Where to park your Private Jet

    Private Aviation Companies Snapped Up More Than 5,200 Airport Parking Slots in 24 hours. A day after the Brazilan government began taking reservations for jet landings at the soccer tournament’s host cities, few are left after private aviation companies snapped up more than 5,200 slots in 24 hours, the Aviation Ministry said last week. However, […]

    12 Jun
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