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Samone Nankervis - Business Development Manager at Private Jet Charter, UAE.

I have been involved in the Aviation Industry both Commercial and Corporate for the last 11 years in Dubai. Aviation is a passion of mine and once you have lived it and worked it you will never look at another industry again. It is dynamic, exciting and above all expanding. Private Jet Charter is an international company with offices around the world and over 25 years in the business.

It is my pleasure to share experiences and information about our company, my personal adventures and the private aviation world cos let’s face it, is another world that only a small niche group of individuals will ever experience. I invite you into this world and will give you an insight into the industry I am so happy to be a part of.

Putting On The Ritz

So as you can tell from my last blog entry it has been quite some time since I have added to the Private Jet Charter website and it is about time that I share something with you. I have just had a weekend stay in a hotel in Dubai and the entire experience was too amazing not to boast about.

With many incredible 5 star hotels to choose from in Dubai as well as the 7 star exceptional Burj Al Arab how hard is to decide where to stay for a mini break. What do you look for ultimately in a hotel? Is it friendly staff? Value for money? A room with a view of the ocean? Location or perhaps a well-known hotel chain. I am going to share my experience at The Ritz Carlton Jumeirah Beach Residence that ticks all the boxes and goes beyond any expectation imaginable.


From the minute I arrived up at the front entrance of the Ritz Carlton, located at the beginning of Jumeirah Beach Residence I instantly felt a real sense of calmness. Who wouldn’t realizing that they have two nights to escape from the hectic life in Dubai. The valet parking was quick and well organized.
It is just like rocking up to your awaiting private jet with the crew ready to take care of every single detail. The car was whisked away with our luggage taken straight into the lobby whilst we checked in. As soon as we entered the foyer we were immediately greeted by an awaiting friendly staff member who knew to be expecting us around midday to escort us directly to the club lounge. A lite bite of nibbles was offered and enjoyed as the check in process was completed without the need of my physical presence at the desk. I have been to the hotel many times before in the past and see familiar faces that always greet me with a welcoming smile. I was presented with two keys and then once I was finished sampling delicious delicacies available in the club lounge was escorted to my awaiting room.

The view from the rooms is absolutely breathtaking overlooking the immaculately landscaped gardens, numerous swimming pools and of course the crystal blue ocean. This was only overshadowed slightly by the attention to detail given to the room itself. It was my birthday weekend after all but I had not asked for anything special to have but that certainly does not stop the Ritz Carlton from pulling out all the stops.

A bottle of Moet Champagne was awaiting chilling on ice which just happens to be one of my favorites. The enormous King Sized bed was decorated with fresh rose petals which were also found throughout the room both in the bathroom and on the tables. An aromatherapy bath with relaxation oils and more rose petals was ready with just the addition of hot water required when ready to have some quiet time.
The treats did not stop there with some chocolates, a birthday cake and fresh fruit platter to add to the already mounting treats available.


So after getting over the surprises in the room it was time to get outside and enjoy the sensational weather we are now starting to experience again in the UAE after what seems like an endless humid summer. Straight to the adults only bar that provides a peaceful, charming atmosphere without the distraction of little ones splashing about. The staff behind the swim up bar recognized me  immediately and as they always are to everyone were prompt and precise in their service. As you can imagine a great afternoon was had just swimming, dining and enjoying the ambience that the Ritz Carlton provides. I spent the next day just indulging in body and spirit in this ultimate retreat. As you can imagine I did not want to leave and the entire weekend concluded continuing to impress with a big bunch of flowers presented to me enticing me to return very soon for another magical stay.

Even though I only live around the corner I felt like I was miles away in whole different world. As someone who deals with VIP clients daily who use private jets I cannot think of another hotel I could recommend as highly as The Ritz Carlton to impress them in the luxurious manner that they would be accustomed to and expecting after flying in on their chartered jet.

Thank you Ritz as this is certainly one weekend I will not forget in a hurry.

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  • Jun18
  • Author: Bryan

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The Holy Month of Ramadan

With the month of Ramadan on top of us, for me it is not just a month where the traffic is lighter, I have shorter work days and I disappear from the UAE heat for two weeks. It has been some time since I have written a blog and this is the perfect time to reflect on what Ramadan means to everyone that experiences it from different nationalities, cultures and religions in offices filled with different individuals. Private Jet Charter is no exception with many staff members from around the globe and we all have different memories to share. This is personally my 11th Ramadan here in Dubai and it is a time I always embrace as this country has given me so much to be thankful for.

Ramadan is the most celebrated month of the year in the Islamic calendar and for many important reasons. Ramadan is not simply an exercise of fasting during the day and over eating during the evenings, it is a month for renewed reflection, spiritual dedication and focus on the Holy Quran. It is not about denying the body of essential food and water, it involves avoiding ill-speech, arguments, loss of temper and malicious behavior.

Here at Private Jet Charter during this month we see a change in how the business operates. Requests for charters are predominantly handled during the evening and many of our clients will fly on a Private Jet to Mecca for their journey of Hajj. During Hajj, pilgrims join precessions of thousands of people who simultaneously converge on Mecca for the week of Hajj and perform a series of rituals. Private Jet Charter, Middle East continue to support the needs of our Muslim clients with the utmost respect, dedication and commitment that they indeed show to their rituals and beliefs during this important month. With round the clock executives and many Muslim staff we understand the sensitivities and special needs required during this time.

When travelling to the UAE during Ramadan there are many reasons for all nationalities and religions to celebrate. As the sun sets in the evening the Iftar dinners are a time for everyone to get together with family members and friends congregating in large groups to share in the joyous experience that is unity and peace creating an incredible atmosphere wherever you go. There are special offers available in all shopping malls and other retail outlets with bargains galore to be had on anything from motor vehicles, electrical goods and Jewellery. Practically anything you can buy you will get at a discounted Ramadan rate or with a free giveaway. The streets are filled with glorious lights everywhere you go and friendly people fill the streets. There is certainly a sense of peace and prosperity in the air wherever you go.

Ramadan culminates with the three-day Eid Al Fitr holiday celebrating the end of the fast, where it is a time to be surrounded by friends, relatives and a real sense of community prevails. Private Jet Charter witnesses an increase in business with our clients flying to celebrate with family on holiday throughout Europe in destinations like Nice, London and Paris as the sense of togetherness and giving is celebrated. Top all this off with some spectacular fireworks all around the country and the joyous occasion is seen by all in a magnificent show that lights up the skys for all to marvel.


  • Dec17
  • Author: Bryan

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Shortage of small Private Jets in the Middle East

In the Middle East and especially Dubai more and more corporate companies are chartering private jets for their business travel needs. At the latest MEBA event on the 8th December through to the 10th saw private jet charter meeting with many companies to discuss the shortage of smaller sized jets in this region. There is a definite lack of these aircrafts and a gap in the market to be filled in this region in the future.


We know that around 60 – 70% of our charter market comes from our Saudi Arabian clients including royal families, HNW individuals, government officials and the incredibly wealthy. These clients are searching for larger jets such as the Challenger 605, Gulfstream 550, Embraer Legacy and VIP airliners such as Boeing Business Jets and Airbus Corporate Jet. Saudi Arabia itself has captured 30% of aircrafts owned by individuals and companies in the Middle East. Riyadh’s population is one of the world’s fastest growing and is also one of the richest cities in the world. Chartering these types of aircrafts will continue to grow however there is another market that has the potential to boom.

We are seeing an increase in senior executives looking to make short trips around the region for business like Dubai to Baghdad or throughout the GCC. Requests to cover the Middle East in just two short days covering Muscat, Kuwait, Doha, Jeddah and Riyadh with just one overnight along the journey are common. The aircraft simply waits whilst the meeting is taking place and then jets off to the next destination on the itinerary. This style of trip is just not cost effective on a large aircraft and although time is money to these executives it is not within their budget on these types of aircrafts.


If there additional small to midsize aircrafts placed in this region these business trips would be witnessed more often and corporate travel would become more like it is in Europe and America. It has been stated by the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) that small and midsize companies that use private jets produce 219% higher earnings growth rate than those that fly strictly commercial.


In this region there is a shortage of private jets in this size range like the Citation Mustang, Learjet 40, Phenom 100 and Citation Bravo. As an international charter company we have access to over 50,000 jets worldwide so we can have one of these aircrafts repositioned in from Europe however the cost of this double rotation as well as the charter throughout this region makes the price once again soar above the budget of our executives.


The beauty of chartering a jet enhances the journey by offering control, convenience and time saving for busy executives. We need to see more small light weight jets in this region and call out to fill the gap in the market so that more of this regions business can benefit from this type of travel.



Private Jet Charter at Formula 1

It is that time of the year again when Abu Dhabi is in the spot light for one reason only and that is for the excitement of Formula 1 Grand Prix. The annual race which signifies the end of another season is Private Jet Charter’s favorite event as we knock heads with racing and motoring enthusiasts, not only from the UAE but around the world.

The whole day for us started at Stars and Bars as we were lead down into the marina to the awaiting 114ft yacht The Masayel, with stunning views of the track, other neighboring yachts and the unusually designed Yas Viceroy. The sun was shining warmer than it had for a few weeks and the champagne was flowing as the excitement continued to build as 5 pm, which was the race start drew closer.

Our particular yacht and the wonderful service for the day was provided by none other than our preferred hotel partner the Ritz Carlton Jumeirah Beach.  These guys certainly know how to host an event and we received as always the most professional service and were surrounded with a bubbly, friendly atmosphere.


I know that with the Formula 1 being an international glamourous event it attracts many wealthy individuals, celebrities and royals and they were all flying in to watch the race on a vast array of private jets. Utilizing the close proximity of Al Bateen airport there was an abundance of jets spotted parked up as racing enthusiasts from around the globe came to Abu Dhabi with limousine transportation from the VIP terminal to an awaiting yacht. The buzz of excitement began to grow as the drivers did their famous pre-race lap around the track and the sense of anticipation of who was going to be the world champion was the talk between everyone who was present.

Private Jet Charter’s most exciting moment is always just prior to the race starting as the main sponsor for the event Etihad do an impressive fly over the Yas Viceroy. It is an absolutely spectacular site and certainly for us aviation enthusiasts a moment that is definitely a highlight of the entire day. So as soon as that is completed you can hear the firing up of the engines as the drivers head towards the starting grid as the drivers take their starting positions in what is often described as the most exciting start to any sporting race.


I learned a lot about Formula 1 racing this year. The Yas Marina Circuit is 5,554 kilometers in total length and the race consists of 55 laps around 21 corners. If you compare the dynamics of Formula 1 racing and the design of the cars there are similarities to aircrafts.  Aerodynamics has become key to the success in the sport and teams spend tens of millions of dollars on research and development every year. There are two primary concerns in the creation of downforce to help push the tyres onto the track and improve cornering forces and minimizing drag that gets caused by turbulence and acts to slow the car down. The now famous race car wings operate on exactly the same principle as aircraft wings only in reverse.  Air flows at different speeds over the two sides of the wing and this creates a difference in pressure. Planes use their wings to create lift and race cars use theirs to create downforce.

Every Formula 1 car is capable of going from 0 to 160km and back to 0 in less than 5 seconds. With the ability to reach top speeds of up to 362km an hour it was difficult to see who was leading the race as they sped passed the Marina at incredible speed however with the assistance of the sports commentators it was clear from early on that Lewis Hamilton had complete control and domination over the race. The stunningly beautiful Nicole Scherzinger looked on with thousands of fans as the new world champion completed the race in 1:39.02.691 and 2.56 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor. The horns went off loudly and the fireworks began as the Briton had his 11th win of the season and took the world championship title for the second time.

Private Jet Charter was very excited about the result and being part of such a fantastic event. After celebrating into the night and for some into the morning the private jets in Abu Dhabi were being prepared to fly the VIP guests all over the globe. It comes as no surprise to us that Lewis Hamilton actually arrived in his own private jet which is a blood red Bombardier Challenger 605. The brand new formula 1 world champion has one of the most popular and most chartered jets in this region with a pull out bed, several plasma television screens and a bar. It is most certainly the grandest way to end the festivities and arrive back home in luxury, style and at any time you chose. For those other drivers and celebrities who do not have their own jet they can certainly charter one to ensure ease of travel to such glamorous events.  Until next year when we see Abu Dhabi in the limelight again with even more Private Jets flying into the UAEs capital for this magnificent weekend and private jet charter cannot wait to witness this great race once more.



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  • Nov13
  • Author: Bryan

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Private Jet Charter Gives Away Ultimate Prize

The sun is shining bright in Florida which understandably is referred to as the sunshine state and for some lucky locals they were able to experience the sunset in exclusive fashion on board a helicopter. Private Jet Charter has shown on Sunday to the lucky prize winners exactly what it is like to fly along the stunning coast line of Fort Lauderdale sipping on Moet Champagne as the sun sets in the background. This is the norm for a private jet charter customer who experiences life in the ultimate style and luxury on private jets and helicopters whenever they travel.

I will start from the beginning and give you an insight into some of the work that private jet charter is involved in. I have made the long journey from our office in Dubai to visit our esteemed colleagues in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a grand office. From one sunshine rich destination to another, we have come together to promote the companies exclusive services to the rest of the United States. Recently we gave six Florida residents the opportunity to experience first hand one of the services we offer to our VIP clients around the globe.


We are extremely proud of our office in Fort Lauderdale which is situated on the Atlantic coast with an average year round temperature of 24.2 Degrees Celsius and 3000 hours of sunshine a year. Fort Lauderdale attracts over 12 million visitors a year with many of those coming from around the world to experience the sophistication and affluence of this wonderful city. Our office here is in the heart of the business district and coming into work everyday is a delight as I witness the true beauty of this city with an extensive network of canals and 165 miles of waterways. Wealth is in abundance here with 100 marinas housing 45,000 resident yachts which are visible around the canals and waterways all around the city.

For one lucky group of people private jet charter arranged for them to fly down the seven miles of beaches along the coastline thanks to a prize given away at the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Black Tie Ball in 2013. We arranged an exciting experience of flying on an EC-130 Eurocopter which is a light single engine helicopter capable of flying at a cruise speed of 240 kilometres an hour. Our lucky prize winners were excited to watch the sun set in this helicopter that features a spacious cockpit with excellent external visibility accommodating up to seven passengers. Moet champagne was served chilled for the forty five minute journey up and down the Fort Lauderdale’s picturesque coastline ensuring our passengers felt like royalty.

Our six passengers were absolutely delighted with the flight boasting a birds eye view of spectacular turquoise water and picturesque beaches. Private Jet Charter is thrilled to assist in arranging helicopter flights around the globe from any of our offices.


Private Jet Interiors The Ultimate Designs

The ultimate job for any budding interior designer to win would most certainly be to work on a private jet where money is no object and the design needs to make a private statement. Private Jets are really the ultimate status symbol and the design needs to reflect this to stand out not only for its comfort but its lavish interior.


Not all private jets have extravagant interiors as they are not large enough to accommodate anything more than leather reclining seats, small galleys and couches that can be transformed into beds. However the choice of color scheme and additional features like DVD players and television entertainment screens are all given special consideration. The carpets in private jets are usually hand woven or one of a kind. Some are silk and others are wool. Eurocopter EC135 which is a helicopter owned by Hermes designed by the French Fashion House featured brown calf leather seating and a white canvas cockpit. Versace has a completely black and white themed aircraft with elegance and style and most certainly making a bold statement.

When you look at the larger Boeing Business Jets and other VIP configured airliners like the Airbus this is when the elite big men come out to show how unique and powerful they can make their aircraft and especially in the Middle East. Some of these aircrafts are like hotels and the only limitations to what you can place inside is pretty much dependent upon physics. Each item must still pass rigorous safety checks and remain light enough to keep fuel consumption under control. The aircrafts are parked up in completion centers and this is where the customization takes place. The largest privately owned private jet is the Airbus 380, originally purchased by Prince Alwaleed from Saudi Arabia. Some of the requests which were made for this aircraft included a garage at the rear of the Super Jet to allow guests to drive directly onto the aircraft and exit onto the red carpet. A lift that would operate between three floors with a small concert hall complete with a baby piano. A Turkish bath crafted from marble thin enough not to add excessive weight to the aircraft. A well being room with a floor that contains a large screen showing exactly where the aircraft is flying over. A board room in the center featuring an outsized itouch screen and projector that beams share prices on the table. Despite all of these lush original plans this ‘Flying Palace’ as it was known was soldbefore its final delivery so the interior that was planned was never completed but it certainly was impressive.


Some of the other aircrafts owned by the mega rich and heads of states can be fitted with everything from jacuzzis, cinemas, built in gymnasiums, cocktail bars and fully serviced, comprehensive kitchens. Large private bedrooms with double beds and ensuite bathrooms fitted with showers are common on these VIP airliners. Large Middle Eastern families will take these private jets so that they can congregate in the elaborate dining areas to share an Arabic buffet of delights or relax in the lounge areas for intimate and comfortable together time.

The future of private jet interiors knows no boundaries as technicon designs new concept Ixion shows in its recent article. The aim of this concept is to replace the entire cabin with screens that display anything that is desired including panoramic views of the environment around the airplane. This is aimed at creating an immersive experience that has never been seen before, also displaying the environment of the passenger’s choice whether it be the tranquility of the beach, peaceful forest and mountain settings to the stars of any hemisphere around the world.


Whatever the current or future direction of private jet interiors takes it is clear that although first class may be comfortable it will never compare to the glamourous, sensational and futuristic interiors of a private jet. It could almost be compared to travelling in your own home.


Top Ten Reasons to Fly Private

Believe it there are many reasons that people chose to fly on a Private Jet and some not as obvious as others and definitely what you would think, but if you can afford this kind of way to travel than I know I would never again fly commercially. It is not only for the elegance, luxury, convenience and comfort but the privacy and prestige.


Safety and avoiding Terrorism

I saw an article the other day featuring Mark Wahlberg and it revealed that in 2001 he was supposed to have been flying on one of the ill-fated aircrafts that crashed into the Twin Towers. He instead chose to fly on a Private Jet to Canada to visit a friend on the set of his current movie. Now it seems for safety reasons and avoiding the risk of another terrorist attack he prefers to take a jet. Sometimes the only way to get out of a country under attack or threat is to Charter a Private Jet to come to your rescue and it is also a relief for some to know that they are travelling only with people they know and trust.

Travelling with Loved Ones

For some people their pets are just as or if not more important than their children and when you travel commercially little fluffy has to travel alone, cold and frightened in the cargo compartment. This thought can be unbearable and most operators will allow passengers to take anything on board. The Middle Eastern clients will take everything from Falcons, Chihuahuas and larger dog breeds such as Great Danes. I believe Mariah Carey likes to take her fury friends on board with her as she was spotted splashing out more than 100,000 for her eight lucky pampered canines.

Shop til you drop

When I fancy a new frock and some matching high heels I would like the majority of people jump in my car get on a bus or the metro and head down to the mall and go to my favourite stores hunting down a bargain. But if you are like Beyonce when she was in Paris staying beside the French Riviera she chartered a Private Jet to shop in her favourite store that just so happened to be in London.

Arriving in style and with little or no luggage restrictions you can see why the royal families and celebrities would fly anywhere around the world and return home with more shopping bags than a commercial aircraft would allow. Although paying extra for oversized or additional luggage I feel is not really going to be a concern. Whether it is Paris, Milan, Nice or London the hottest shopping destinations can attract many Private Jets with eager shoppers onboard.

Dine in Style

Let’s face it you don’t fly on an aircraft and look forward to the cuisine that you are going to be served but when you fly on a private jet you just set your own menu. It is actually very common to see our Jet Setters request food from their favourite restaurant so they can enjoy sampling Michelin Starred quality cuisine and sipping on a glass of Dom Perignon at 42,000 feet.

Surprisingly on some Private Jets you are allowed to smoke a cigarette on board which could be catastrophic on a large commercial aircraft however well controlled on a private jet.

Avoiding Crowds and Large Airports

As the number of people jet-setting across the Globe increases, so does the size of airports. Let’s take Dubai International Airport as an example. Terminal three is the largest airport terminal and largest building in the world by floor space. Statistics from early 2014 show that there are over 7000 weekly flights operated by 140 airlines to over 230 destinations across every continent except Antarctica. Dubai International Airport is handling over 80 million passengers annually. Queuing at customs can take hours if you are unlucky enough to arrive during one of the peak times early in the morning or just after midnight. When flying on a Private Jet you avoid all of this. Not only can you chose the time you want to depart, but you can relax in one of the VIP Lounges, well away from the main terminal while the custom formalities are completed. You are only required to arrive twenty minutes before you are due to fly away or as I have seen many times just turn up any time you like. The Private Jet waits for you not the other way round and you are not rushing through busy terminals just to get to the gate on time.

Transporting Precious Cargo

 Private Jets are not just chartered for luxury holiday getaways and corporate business trips but are often utilized for the transportation of dangerous goods or precious materials. Some common examples are weapons, gold and diamonds. Often it is essential as it is faster and more flexible with cargo that spoils quickly. It can be a matter of urgency for something like medicines as the effectiveness of these drugs decreases with passage of time.

Remote Destinations

Commercial aircrafts cannot always travel to the remote destinations that some corporate companies or individuals need to travel to. Some reasons for this are a war torn country in the midst of conflict or controlled by pirates or the runway may also be restricted by size or surroundings. Some places around the world are difficult, perhaps even impossible to get to like Catalina Island where the airport is literally carved into the hills however a Private Jet will get you there. Los Roques is among dozens of postage stamp size airports around the world that serve upscale resorts, ski destination, tiny luxury islands and jungle locations and the wealthy can access via the luxurious private aircraft. Private Jets are often chartered to Iraq, Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries that you really want to leave as quickly as you get in so the flexibility of timings is ideal in an awaiting aircraft.

Celebrity and Privacy

A number of celebrities, royal families and government figures will charter a private jet to avoid the gazing public eye. Angelina Jolie often takes a jet around the world for her U.N. commitments as she travels to some of the most dangerous countries in the world. Although some of these high profile people will have their own aircrafts there are occasions when they will have to go into maintenance or they have invited an entourage to accompany them and they will then charter a separate jet.

Attending Concerts and Events

There are many famous rock bands that tour the world on a Private Jet. The hectic schedules and concert dates limit their rest time between concerts and waiting around for hours to fly on a commercial aircraft is just not an option.

Luxury, Exclusivity and Prestige

All of the reasons above have clearly shown why we all would if we could fly on a private jet. Above all else mentioned flying private is just that – private. Once onboard with only the people who are invited the whole aircraft is yours. Play a movie or music at any level with speakers throughout the cabin. The jets will be equipped with laptop connections, phones and wifi. For businesses sometimes time is money and on a private jet they can plan their meetings and visit multiple destinations in just one day.

If travelling overnight on some Private Jets comfortable beds can be made up to ensure passengers are well rested. As the aircraft is descending into the airport, the crew will call ahead so that as soon as the Jet has arrived the limousine is already positioned to whisk you away.  Now really I could go on about the reason that Flying Private is the only way to travel buy honestly it is.

Private Jet charter assists people globally to travel this way and although it is easy for the wealthy to afford there may just be a cheeky empty leg flight we can find so that anyone can enjoy the ultimate experience for half the normal price.


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Chartering a Private Jet Vs Business Class

My partner and I travelled abroad recently and enjoyed the experience of travelling Business Class on one of the Middle East’s most prestigious airline. The new Boeing 777 was fitted with flat beds up to 79 inches long and had a 42 seat configuration. Big screen televisions for the on demand inflight entertainment system, featuring Ipod sized personal touch screens to control the individual seats and entertainment options. Now before I go on too much about business class or first class for that matter, from my past as a Corporate Flight Attendant onboard numerous different sized Private Jets it was extremely easy to make comparisons between flying on a Private Jet and Business Class.  The overall conclusion was very clear.  There is no competition as a Private Jet far exceeds anything that any commercial carrier has to offer onboard. Of course it comes with a much higher price tag but well worth every dollar.



Difference between wait times for Private Jet Vs Commercial Flying

Firstly we begin with the time waiting at the airport, although spent in the lounge is still long and boring. Being able to arrive at the VIP Private Aviation lounge merely twenty minutes before your chosen departure time is invaluable. No walking long distances between the gate and the lounge, you just relax while all of the custom formalities are taken care of for you. This is just the beginning of the hassle free process. Were you stuck in traffic or slept in a little longer than expected? This is not an issue as the Private Jet awaits your arrival and will depart at your discretion. There are no baggage restrictions either so you can take as much away with you as you desire.

First Class Cuisine Vs Private Jet Fine Dining

Seared_Tuna_stead_amp_Boiled_shrimps_salad_with_sweet_and_sour_orange_dressingNow we all know not to expect excellence from the onboard cuisine, however if you forgot to order a special meal for your individual dietary requirements or not sure whether the food is going to be to your fancy there is no need to be concerned about this. On your private jet you make the initial selection and can request the food and beverages that you and your travel companions desire and also dine at your own time not when is dictated by the onboard regimented service. With a dedicated and experienced flight attendant onboard you will receive silver service to the highest quality.  Prepare to be as fussy as you like as food can be sourced from anywhere including your favorite restaurant.

First Class Seat Controls Vs Private Jet Cabin Comfort

Control the temperature on board from your seat for your complete comfort. A bed can be made up on majority of Midsize to Large Jets and being able to control all aspects of your flight means that you can sleep whenever you wish on comfortable leather seats. The lavatory is immaculate with superior amenities and perfume products. In fact you will have everything from slippers, toothbrushes, deodorant and even more personal products at your reach.


First Class Entertainment Systems Vs Private Jet Personal Entertainment

The commercial carriers do have some very impressive entertainment systems boasting hundreds of movies, TV channels and music stations in numerous languages available. On your private jet there will be a small selection according to what they supply individually but there will always be a wide selection at your fingertips with no expense spared on up to date DVD’s and music CD’s. No continual interrupting PA announcements or long safety demonstrations so you are at peace throughout the flight. All this information is delivered professionally and quickly by your own personal flight attendant prior to departure.

Conclusions about Private Jet experience

Although I did enjoy my lengthy three hour long service and general vibe on board the immaculate aircraft there is still no comparison to the experience you receive on a private Jet. Fly anywhere anytime in the glorious, luxury of a Private Jet, jump onto your awaiting limousine on arrival directly from the aircraft and just like a celebrity or member of the royal family be whisked away to begin your holiday or business trip immediately on arrival.

At Private Jet Charter we are the specialists in finding the right sized jet at the most competitive price. With over 20 years in the business and a global reach we have immense buying power to negotiate and provide numerous competitive options. It is so much easier to fly private and the only way to travel with the private aviation experts.


The future of Private Aviation

With the introduction of Private Jet Charter’s new Middle Eastern blog I would like to begin with some positive talk about the future of Private Aviation as continuous growth is predicted for the amount of Private Jets arriving in this region. Eid-Ul-Fitr is fast approaching and as the past has clearly proven time and time again for Private Jet Charter there is an upwards spike in requests coming in as families plan to travel to Europe and the States for the celebration of humanity, brotherhood and peace.  Alas, this high demand for Private Jets is not always supported by the supply of aircrafts available. This shortage of private jets however is going to change.

Falcon 7X

Ramadan is fast approaching its final days around the 28th July so where are all of the Private Jets going from the Middle East in particular Jeddah, Riyadh and Dubai? Some of the most popular destinations are typically Nice, Paris and London and what better way to arrive than in the privacy, elegance and exclusivity of a Private Jet. But as is with Private Jet bookings they are often made at short notice so the surplus amount of requests received exceeds the number of available jets. When there are no Private Jets available to depart from the Middle East we then look to Europe to position the Jets in which is more time consuming and incurs additional costs to position the aircraft in.

There is good news for private aviation however as the Middle East Business Association (MEBAA) has predicted that the private jet fleet will increase from the current 500 to a staggering 1375 by Dubai World Expo in 2020. There will undoubtedly be an influx of new residences flocking to live in the tax free haven and businesses opening up so the demand for a Private Jet to Charter will also rise.  Businesses will explore the benefits of using a private jet for the time saving and cost effective way to conduct meetings efficiently throughout the GCC.

We here at Private Jet Charter we are very optimistic about the future of Private Aviation as it makes its way down to the new Al Maktoum Airport, and in this region and we only see it thriving and expanding well into the future. We have seen a lot of change and growth since we opened our office here in Dubai in 2002 and more people want the luxurious and exquisite experience of flying privately and believe me from experience there really is no other way to fly.

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Common questions when booking a Private Jet

What is a Empty Leg Flight?

In the Aviation world you may have come across the term Dead Head or Dead Leg amongst other terminology. A ‘Dead Head’ flight is where a client has booked a one way trip except the aircraft is empty going back to its originally airport. The reason people are always interested in the cost of Dead Head (Dead Leg) flights is because they are run at a much cheaper rate than a regular flight (mainly because most of the cost has been covered by the original client). For an up to date list of Dead Head (Dead Leg, Empty Leg) flights available for charter go to our Empty Leg Page

I need to take a lot of Passengers, what is the best size aircraft for a large amount of people?

Private Jet Charter can lease private aircraft with capacities from 1 to 100+ passengers. If you were to charter a super mid sized jet such as a Gulfstream 200, you could take up to 10 passengers at a range of 3120 miles.The cost to charter a Gulfstream 200 from Los Angeles to Teterboro, New Jersey would be an estimated cost of $34,979.00 USD (variable dependant)

“How many passengers could a large, long range Jet hold?”
If you were to rent a Falcon 900 or lease a Gulfstream G450 you would be able to take up to 14/15 passengers over a range of around 5000 miles.The cost to charter a Gulfstream G450 from Washington D.C. (IAD) Airport to Aspen-Pitkin Airport would be an estimated cost of $38,838.00 USD (variable dependant) 

“I have a wedding and need an aircraft to take more than 40 people, what type of jet do I need?”
For such a large amount of passengers you would need to charter a VIP Airliner / Commercial size aircraft. If you were to charter a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ Aircraft) you could take between 16 to 50 passengers in a luxury private aircraft. The Boeing Business Jet can travel around 6000 nautical miles which is essentially half way around the world in flying distance. The benefit of chartering a BBJ is that it can be equipped with boardroom, cinema, dining area, bar, bedroom and bathroom facilities.The cost to charter a Boeing Business Jet from Palm Beach Florida Airport to Las Vegas Airport would be an estimated cost of $60,570.00 USD (variable dependant) 

“I need to charter an aircraft that can take 100 passengers for my wedding, what aircraft would I need?”
Private Jet Charter can offer you a Boeing 767 VIP Airliner. The Boeing 767 VIP can take 102 passengers all in First Class VIP seating arrangements. A Boeing 767 VIP can travel a range of 3640 miles, which could comfortably fly from New York to Los Angeles. The cost to charter a Boeing Business Jet from Opa-Locka Miami to Los Angeles for 100 people would be an estimated cost of $65,620.00 USD (variable dependant)



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