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Private Jet Information UAE

Gulfstream G200

Aircraft Gulfstream G200
Range 6,300 km
Capacity/Seats 8 - 10
Number of Engines 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW 306A
Baggage Space 150 cubic feet

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Gulfstream G200 Information

The Gulfstream 200 formerly known as the IAI Galaxy is a twin-engine business jet and was produced by Gulfstream Aerospace from 1999 through 2011. One of the first things you with notice is that the G200 offers the range and comfort of a large cabin jet but for a midsize price. The G200’s spacious cabin and excellent range makes this aircraft one of the favorites in its class.

Powered by twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW 306A engines the Gulfstream 200 is fuel efficient as well as quiet. The G200 is certified for flight in all weather conditions including known icing. With 2 flight crew and a VIP flight attendant this aircraft can fly at a maximum speed of 900km/hr and cruise at 850km/hr. It has a range of 6,300km delivering an intercontinental capacity. The G200 can climb to an altitude of 37,000ft in just 19 minutes. The G200 can be configured to hold anywhere from 9 to 19 passengers with optional additions including a radio phone, entertainment systems and interior design upgrades. There are power outlets available for any piece of office equipment in addition to an outlet for each passenger. The interior cabin has the height of 6ft 3in making another standout feature of this popular aircraft with the comfort of standing upright.

Cabin Information

The Gulfstream has a fully private lavatory at the AFT of the aircraft as well as a fully functional galley in the front of the aircraft ensuring an excellent service on board every flight. The spacious cabin typically includes pull out tables and a four person conference configuration. The baggage compartment is generous with a capacity of 150 cubic feet. This includes an external baggage hold with a capacity of 125 cubic feet with 25 cubic feet inside the cabin. A stand out feature well suited for the Middle East is it cooling system with the G200 capable of cooling the cabin to 23 Degrees Celcius even on day where the temperature of 45 Degrees.

The airframe of the G200 was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible with the help of a 3D computer-aided structural analysis program. The main structures are made out of aluminium alloys, titanium and steel, composites are used for some secondary structures. Fuel is stored in three fuel tanks, one on each wing and one in the belly of the aircraft. They are automatically equalized by gravity interconnect valves. The heavy load of the wings makes the G200 fly evenly in all conditions. A long-travel trailing link landing gear smooths out taxiing and landings. Hydraulically-powered carbon anti-skid brakes and a 100° pivot radius of the nosewheel provide for excellent ground handling.

Galaxy Aerospace Corp selected the Collins Pro-line 4 avionics suite for the Gulfstream 200’s cockpit. A central EICAS ( Engine Indication and Crew Alert System ) screen is surrounded by four smaller screens that display flight and systems information. Standard devices include duel ARINC 429 pro-line communication/navigation/identification radios with dual DMEs and ADEs, a single Allied Signal GNS-X/EX FMS ( Flight Management System ), a WXR-840 solid-state weather radar diagnosistic computer, digital autopilot, digital air data and altitude heading reference system. Practically any additional equipment can be added if desired.

A true stand out aircraft in its class, the Gulfstream 200 out shines its competitors and is ideal for flights from Dubai to Europe.

Further Information



Length: 62ft 3in
Width: 58ft 1inch Wingspan
Height: 21ft 5in


Maximum take-off weight: 35,450lb
Maximum zero fuel weight: 19,200lb


Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Canada
Nbr/type: PW 306A
SL-ISA Thrust: 6,040lb

Specifications for Gulfstream G200 "

Range 6,300
Passengers 8-10
External dimensions
Length 62ft 3in
Height 21ft 5in
Width 58ft 1inch Wingspan
Maximum takeoff weight 35,450lb
Maximum zero fuel weight 19,200lb
Maximum fuel 31,940 lb
Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada
Nbr/Type PW 306A
SL-ISA Thrust 6,040lb

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